How do students benefit from a college tour?

College is a major financial and time investment. When it comes to deciding where a student will spend his next four years and pay anywhere between $100,000 to $300,000 in tuition,it only makes sense to thoroughly research prospective schools. Universities are not "one size fits all". Therefore, visiting a broad range of college campuses is the best way for students to understand what type of university is the best fit for them. Furthermore, having visited colleges can add an advantage during the admissions process. US college admissions officers look for students who have demonstrated interest in a school by investing the time, money, and effort to visit a campus. Information gained from campus visits can also help students write more compelling "Why This College" essays, further enhancing their chance of admission. In addition to the benefits of visiting campuses, Edvanta's one-on-one counselling and evening information sessions will help students understand how to best position themselves during the application process to highlight their strengths and develop compelling applications.

Why should we go on a College Tour with Edvanta?
What kind of pre-tour preparation do you offer?
May parents or siblings go along on the tour?
How will tour leaders find tour participants at the airport?
What are the travel, lodging, and meal arrangements?
Will students and families be able to leave the group on their own?
What kind of tour follow-up do you offer?
Is a visa required?
What is your Refund Policy?