What to do if you’ve been Waitlisted?

What to do if you’ve been Waitlisted?

Being waitlisted for a college or university can be a frustrating and uncertain experience. After putting in the hard work to complete applications, write essays, and interview, finding out that you’re on a waitlist can feel like a setback.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that being waitlisted is not a measure of your potential. Nor is it the end of the road. Here are several steps you can take to increase your chances of ultimately being accepted.

– Respond to the Waitlist Offer : The first step is to respond to the waitlist offer as soon as possible. This signals your continued interest in attending the school and allows you to stay in the running for a spot if one becomes available.

– Reiterate Your Interest : Along with your response, it’s important to reiterate your interest in attending the school. Let the admissions office know why you’re a good fit for the school, and why you’re excited about the opportunity to attend.

– Submit Additional Materials : If the school allows it, consider submitting additional materials that highlight your accomplishments and qualifications. This could include updated grades, test scores, or new awards or honors you’ve received.

– Demonstrate Continued Improvement : Show the admissions office that you’re still committed to your education by maintaining high grades and staying involved in extracurricular activities. This demonstrates your continued growth and potential as a student.

– Consider Other Options : While you’re waiting to hear back from the waitlist, consider other options such as attending a different school or taking a gap year. Waitlists typically won’t open until May or later, so it’s important to finalize on another option while you wait to hear back on the waitlist outcome.

Remember, being waitlisted doesn’t mean you’re out of the running. By responding promptly, reiterating your interest, and demonstrating your potential, you can increase your chances of ultimately being accepted.

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